Unique Gifts from the Earth
As for the earth, out of it comes bread, but underneath it is turned up as by fire.
Its stones are the place of sapphires, and it has dust of gold.
- The Bible

Crazy About Rocks

In crystal we have a pure evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and although in spite of everything we cannot understand the life of crystals - it is still a living being.

- Nicola Tesla


Fine minerals and the unusual.

Welcome to our store, where behind one rock you'll discover more!

Cultivated to captivate the collector in everyone, from the merely curious to the museum curator, we carry everything from agates to zaratite. Beginner pieces, advanced collector specimens, fossils, fluorescents, crystals, decor pieces, rare species, metaphysical stones, pocket stones, lapidary stones, tumbled stones, jewelry, rock-related gifts, beads, books and much more.

We pursue the perfect specimen with the passion of the obsessed hobbyists we are. If we wouldn't pick it for our collection, we're not going to buy it for yours.

We love collecting and are crazy about rocks. If you feel that way too, an adventure at The Enchanted Rock Garden awaits you.

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