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Fine minerals and the unusual

Cultivated to captivate the collector in everyone, from the merely curious to the museum curator, we carry everything from agates to zaratite. Beginner pieces, advanced collector specimens, fossils, fluorescents, crystals, decor pieces, rare species, metaphysical stones, pocket stones, lapidary stones, tumbled stones, jewelry, rock-related gifts, beads, books and much more.

We pursue the perfect specimen with the passion of the obsessed hobbyists we are. If we wouldn't pick it for our collection, we're not going to buy it for yours.

We love collecting and are crazy about rocks. If you feel that way too, an adventure at The Enchanted Rock Garden awaits you.





I started collecting minerals as soon as I could walk -- bringing home rocks from the neighbor's garden. From microamounts to museum size, especially Franklin, I collect English minerals, fluorescents and large crystals of rock-forming minerals. My shop captures my connection to collecting and to my fellow collector - from beginner to museum curator.




My connection to crystals revealed itself early on, when, instead of lemonade, I'd sell rocks by the side of the road.  My calling is to facilitate your adventure in our shop, hopefully helping you discover crystal that speaks to you.



You're going to find A LOT when you visit The Enchanted Rock Garden. Our mad love of all things mineral (and perhaps our madcap method of organization) welcomes and wows you the moment you cross our threshold.

The shop is a pursuit of passion. (You could even say that passion is our profit.) Life-long mineral lovers and collectors, we know the joy of finding the perfect piece, and the satisfaction of finding it at the perfect price. Everyone who loves rocks starts somewhere, and we have something for everyone on the collecting journey.

What you won't find at The Enchanted Rock Garden is fuss or fancy. We present you our pieces without pretension, or the prices that goes with that. Because your love of rocks will last a lifetime and we want your love for The Enchanted Rock Garden to last that long too.

So come visit our garden and find your enchantment. You'll take home your perfect piece, as well as a little love for The Enchanted Rock Garden.


To the world, we may seem a little old-fashioned in how we do business

-- museum-quality pieces at Mom-and-Pop prices --

but to our rocks, we are highly evolved. 



Customers must wear masks. No masks, no entry.


No more than 10 people in the store at one time.


If there are people waiting, shopping is limited to 20 minutes to allow others to enter.


Maintain 6-foot distance from other people at all times. 


Our hours are Tuesday - Sunday 12 - 5p.



The Enchanted Rock Garden is back, albeit in a different way than before. To ensure the safety of our customers and staff, and compliance with state initiatives concerning COVID19, we have devised the rules below for modified operations.

Although most of these requirements are antithetical to our typical customer service, non-compliance can result in fines of up to $5000 and/or closure.


We are fortunate to have short wave ultraviolet lamps which kills the virus (part of the geologist's tool kit!), and will be sanitizing all specimens and surfaces nightly. During open hours, please maintain 6-foot distance.

The best use of the store will be for customers who know what they want or require little assistance. While all of us at the Rock Garden truly enjoy our young collectors, only one child at a time will be allowed in the shop and all will require adult supervision. 

We ask for your patience as we negotiate this new system together. Opening under these conditions is painful, but if you can comply, please come by, all of us miss you dearly. 🥰